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Hello Friend,
I’m Linda.

Hello Friend, I’m Linda.

I care about your health, healing and happiness. Service to others is my driving force. I care about your health concerns and I don’t want you to struggle on your own. I want you to thrive, with lots of energy to live the life of your dreams

I’ve learned first-hand the power of essential oils to transform my own health and the health of family members, friends and clients. I believe wholeheartedly that essential oils are nature’s medicine and for whatever troubles you, there is an oil that will support your

I’m also a passionate CEO of my own business with over 125 members and a growing team of partners who have successfully launched their own thriving essential oil businesses. By partnering together, you can avoid potential pitfalls (that I learned the hard way), and be a part of my team that is helping individuals achieve their optimal wellness.

I bring over 30 years of corporate training service, an extensive knowledge of essential oils
and I strongly believe in the power of mentorship and supporting women in business with
resources, guidance and leadership to develop a profitable business on your terms.


Intuitive Readings

In this one hour experience, you connect with your own intuition through an Angel Card Reading that offers clarity, peace and guidance to life’s circumstances. Explore a question or concern and receive direction from your guides.

Wellness Counselling

In this one hour session, you learn how essential oils can support your individualized health, healing and happiness. Bring your concerns and receive specialized recommendations from Linda’s vast knowledge base, all delivered with loving care.

Partner With Linda

Launch your own essential oil business today!  When you partner with Linda you’ll be fully supported, mentored in an environment where no one is left behind.  You’ll get insider access to resources, guidance and business support.  You can increase your income and live the life you’ve been dreaming about. Join us!

Loving Care Essentials Tribe

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Karen Gaunt

Wellness Advocate

I joined doTERRA because I wanted to help keep my friends and family healthy. I signed up with Linda because she is a very caring, honest and knowledgeable person and she is willing to help everyone. I have become more knowledgeable about doTERRA essential oils and how they help promote wellness and help with many different health issues we may run into.

Kathy Davey

Wellness Advocate

When I first met Linda I was fascinated with her application of essential oils in her practice, both comforting and healing. I had been researching the use of alternative methods to deal with chronic health issues .   Linda’s extensive experience in alternative health care has led me to a wealth of information that she selflessly shares.. Her professionalism and passion for DōTERRA inspired me to join the team . 

Linda is constantly working to build our confidence and comfort in using essential oils to improve our over all good health and understanding of the products. 

She constantly offers workshops and seminars to encourage and inform us. Her endless pursuit of knowledge is an incredible asset to all of us. Linda goes above and beyond to lift people up and empower them . She is always available to help solve problems, answer questions or offer support.  She is an amazing resource. Her support has lead to two of my friends joining the team .  Linda works diligently to empower all of us and to that end she incredibly successful!

Vicky Morrison

Wellness Advocate

Having Linda as a friend has been a blessing in my life. We have worked together in many different capacities, most recently she is my leader in Doterra Essential Oils. She has a kind heart, is genuine, compassionate, and caring, she can always be counted on to listen and provide support when needed. She has the ability to see any situation in a positive sense and helps you to shift any obstacles into a learning opportunity that empowers you to live a healthier and happier life.

Cathy Nethery

Wellness Advocate, RDMT

I appreciate Linda, her skills and abilities especially those working with diabetic foot care and pedicures.  Her wisdom of the oils and her generosity of giving is never ending.   

I have benefit from doTerra products in my business and personally, for myself and my family.  I make blends for my clients in roller-balls based on their health needs and they love them.  I am trained in Aroma Touch treatments and the Symphony of the Cells treatments, which I have found to be very powerful!

Linda is kind and nurturing in all she does while still being very down to earth and real!


Anytime I have a friend or family member tell me about an ailment they have, I contact Linda. She is a wealth of knowledge, headaches, ear aches, muscle pain, sinus infections ... she has helped our family with it all! Contact Her! We all need friends like Linda. She's a wealth of knowledge.
Deb Clarke
Linda's reading was both profound & comforting, giving me the added courage to follow my heart in the midst of a very challenging time. I will be forever grateful for the guidance of my Angel reading.
Susan Seitz
Canadian Artist

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I am guided by my heart and am looking for individuals to join my team. As a partner you will
have exclusive access to my knowledge of nature’s medicine, guidance to avoid pitfalls and
support and mentorship to help you achieve your business goals. It is my mission to create a
happy, successful and growing team of women who are living their dreams.
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