Linda Johnston

3 Benefits of Launching Your Own dōTERRA Business

  1. Absolute Freedom and Abundance
    Building your own business with dōTERRA allows you to create freedom and abundance in your life. Freedom means something different to everyone, but some of the interpretations include being able to work from anywhere, having complete control over your time you invest in your business and having the freedom to build your business your own terms. Becoming a builder also supports abundance in your life, abundance of health, time and joy, as you will no longer be trading time for money. Become a part of a global mission. With Linda’s support, mentorship and guidance, you can find your freedom and abundance. Learn from her as she has become the sole income provider in her household simply from selling doTerra products.
  2. Community
    Another benefit of partnering with Linda and becoming a dōTERRA builder is the community. Linda has an amazing community of women who use doTerra products and are creating positive change in their health, community and the world, all through the power of essential oils. Become a part of this community, you don’t have to do it alone! By partnering with Linda, you will meet other passionate and influential business owners who are consciously building a life of their dreams and creating a ripple effect across the globe.
  3. Purpose
    Ignite possibility. If you are looking for something larger in your life, consider becoming a dōTERRA builder. If you want to create positive impact, are a conscious consumer and are concerned about the ethical responsibility of the products that you buy and sell, doTerra is the company for you. Founded around a conscious, ethical ethos, doTerra is concerned with its production supply and creating the best possible products that support people and the planet. By becoming a builder, you become part of not just a company or a career, but a part of a movement that is concerned with making the planet a better place and is leading by example.

For more information about partnering with Linda and launching your own dōTERRA business that gives you absolute freedom, abundance, community and purpose, click the Get Started button today and speak with Linda.

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