About Linda

Hello Friend,
I’m Linda.

Hello Friend, I’m Linda.

I care about your health, healing and happiness. Service to others is my driving force. I care about your health concerns and I don’t want you to struggle on your own. I want you to thrive, with lots of energy to live the life of your dreams

I’ve learned first-hand the power of essential oils to transform my own health and the health of family members, friends and clients. I believe wholeheartedly that essential oils are nature’s medicine and for whatever troubles you, there is an oil that will support your

I’m also a passionate CEO of my own business with over 125 members and a growing team of partners who have successfully launched their own thriving essential oil businesses. By partnering together, you can avoid potential pitfalls (that I learned the hard way), and be a part of my team that is helping individuals achieve their optimal wellness and financial freedom. 

I bring over 30 years of corporate training service, an extensive knowledge of essential oils and I strongly believe in the power of mentorship and supporting women in business with resources, guidance and leadership to develop a profitable business on your terms. Check out my Partner With Me page to learn more. 


The first thing you’ll learn about me, is it’s not all about me!

Service to others is my driving force and being an “includer” is my #1 strength. No one is ever left behind, I am guided by my heart to mentor others.

For 34 years I had a corporate professional career and was very happy and very successful. If my team was happy, successful, and growing, then so was I and so was the company. Training, knowledge and organization are my strengths. I would provide the resources, tools and support that resulted in company pride, financial profits and success all around.

But corporate success does come with a cost. My health and family had ceased to be a priority as corporate time demands became too great. When the corporate world shifted its priorities from people to profits, their culture and ethics were no longer aligned with mine. It was devastating at the time.

What I didn’t realize at that time, was the universe was preparing me for a much better future.

dōTERRA Changed My Life

dōTERRA came to me through my daughter.  I was running a Day Spa in my home and was looking for some essential oils.  It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with dōTERRA products.  Although I had no interest in selling dōTERRA at the time, it just naturally came to me because the products really helped me. I started using and sharing products that were helping me with others. Whatever ailment someone talked to me about, I knew “I had an oil for that.”  I couldn’t help myself, selling dōTERRA made sense. It became natural to me because I love helping people.

     With the support and guidance of dōTERRA’s leadership team, I was given the tools, training and empowerment to share these amazing products and mentor others at the same time. 


CEO Of My Own Corporation

Because I am the CEO of my own Corporation, my business can morph into whatever I want it to become. I have total freedom. My driving passion is seeing other women not only achieve their health goals, but their financial goals as well. 

That is why I have created an opportunity for us to partner together and it is my mission to fulfill the needs of my team and customers. With dōTERRA you are “in business for yourself but not by yourself.” 

We support you! Everything you need is here. You don’t need a brick and mortar building.  Someone wise once said to me, “find someone successful who is already doing what you want to do and then do it yourself.”  We have paved the path to success for you. There is support like nothing I’ve experienced before. Multi Level Marketing is the best and smartest business model to create a successful business with minimal investment. 

Because I’m the only source of income in our home and don’t have a pension plan, I am building my retirement income plan now to give me what I need, when I decide to retire from my day spa. When you build your team, it is yours and the residual income will keep coming as long as you order a 100 pv order each month. That is very easy to do.

I’m here to support your health, healing and happiness

It would be my absolute pleasure to support you in your wellness journey.

Thinking about starting your own essential oils business? Partner with Me!

I am looking for individuals to join my team. As a partner, you will have exclusive access to my knowledge of essential oils, guidance to avoid pitfalls and support and mentorship to help you achieve your business goals. It is my mission to create a happy, successful and growing team of women who are living their dreams.

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