Intuitive Readings

“Intuition is seeing with the soul.” - Dean Koontz

In this one hour experience, connect with your own intuition through an Angel Card Reading that offers clarity, peace and guidance to life’s circumstances. Explore a question or concern and receive direction from your guides.

What is an Intuitive Card Reading?

Intuitive card readings have been used for centuries to connect with the divine and ask for guidance or inspiration. There are many different decks available and you will have the opportunity to select the deck that speaks to you. Intuitive readings are not fortune telling or making predictions about the future. Instead they are an opportunity to connect with the heavens and angels and ask for guidance, a next step or direction that you should pursue. They are a way to receive support from the universe and show you the path of joy and happiness. Sometimes it is difficult to notice or absorb messages that are coming to us, so taking the time to do a card reading is an opportunity to deliberately communicate with the divine and seek guidance for your life.

Why would I want an intuitive reading?

Having an intuitive card reading can help you connect and communicate with the universe. The cards have a way of telling you just what you need to hear and can sometimes reveal issues that have been standing in your way or offer new perspectives that you may not have considered. 

With compassion, love and light, intuitive readings offer you support and can show you the pathway to success, passion and abundance in your life. An intuitive reading offers you an opportunity to gain new insight into your life and will support you on your journey.

Why Linda?

A professional card reading with Linda offers a container to explore your questions, wonderings or problems. Receive love and compassion and know that you are being supported as you move forward. 

Linda offers wisdom, guidance and support and helps you see roadblocks or missing pieces that you may have overlooked. Confirmation can come through the cards and Linda is there to support you and hold space for you to receive divine guidance and direction. 

If you are looking for divine inspiration, are struggling with a problem in your life or are interested in communicating with your spirit guides, book an intuitive reading today! 

Linda, my reading with you was spot on, and came at the perfect time in my life to help me though some tough decisions both with my career and personal struggles, your professional strengths during my reading made me feel, calm and relaxed and I left with a much needed gain in my self worth. Thank you for sharing your gift of a higher place with me.
Successful Entrepreneur

How does it work?

The reading begins with the Goddesses and Heroines deck where Linda will get a basis for the reading. This determines which Goddess or Heroine has a message for the person being read. It helps establish the theme of what will unfold during the session. This card only takes about 10 minutes to go through.

Next, using a Celtic Cross spread, Linda will consult one of her three Angel decks and deliver your reading

Linda Uses 3 different decks of Angel Tarot cards.

These cards reflect a benevolent Universe that only wants to lead us on a path towards joy and fulfillment. You will receive the answers you seek.

Angel Tarot Cards

Angel Tarot Deck

This reading is intended to preserve ancient divination methods while using only positive, gentle life affirming words and picture project love and peace and not instil fear. The Elements are Earth, Air, Fire and Water with instead of Wands, Swords Pentacles and Cups

Created for highly sensitive people who desire accurate detailed and gentle answers to their questions.

Guardian Angel Tarot Cards

Guardian Angel Tarot Cards 

Created for highly sensitive people who desire accurate detailed and gentle answers to their questions. The element cards in this deck are Action, Emotion, Thought and Abundance.

There are Friend Cards: messenger, Helper, Healer and Guardian

Archangel Power Deck

Archangel Power Deck 

Dreams, hopes, inspiration and deep desires are found in this deck. The Archangels who replace the elements are Gabriel, Raphael, Michael, Ariel. These cards also relate to the development and expression of psychic abilities and intuition, and the courage to make the changes.

Or, You Can Choose a Reading from The Power Deck | The Cards of Wisdom

Most of us have lost touch with our own dreams, that part of ourselves that helps us to manifest our true destiny in life. This deck helps you to find the Power that will change your life. I use these cards daily to strengthen my ability to find true harmony within myself, then to be able to manifest it to the world. It is this harmony that will heal our Great Mother Earth. 

To heal Mother Earth, you must first heal yourself.

The Power deck is simple and concise but full of Ancient Wisdom. They will help you find that silent place within you where truth is born. Each card promotes beauty, health strength and wisdom in your life enabling you to manifest harmony on your planet so that you can become more of a art of the nature and beauty that is around you.

The Sacred Self Wheel spread gives you a six card reading:

South/ Red: Trust and Innocence, the place of the Inner Child

West/Black: Sacred dream, death, rebirth, your adolescent self where emotions live

North/White: Strength and Wisdom where your adult self lives a place of spirit and prayer

East/Yellow: the place of Illumination, of the creativity of the mind, the place of mental powers often of wisdom. A place where the wise one within you lives.

Self card: a wild card because you can be as you are or who you wan to be. What you need to work on. 

Task card: what aspect of you is missing on your path to power.

The Teachings of the Power deck will grow and deepen as you evolve and take power in your life.

It’s no accident you are here.
I look forward to meeting you.


Package 1

30 minute

explorer session

Virtual Video Session or In-Person Local Session


Package 2

1 hour

past, present,
future session

Virtual Video Session or In-Person Local Session


Package 3

1.5 hour (90 minute)

past, present, future, healing session

Virtual Video Session or In-Person Local Session