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Dear Friend,

It would be my honour to partner with you and support your financial and wellness goals. It gives me so much pleasure to help other women as a guide and mentor and show them that expansion is possible. I’m here for you. You don’t have to do it alone.

Service to others is my driving force.
Being an includer is my #1 strength, no one is ever left behind.
I am guided by my heart to mentor others.
I learned everything the hard way and don’t want to see you do the same.

My mission is to help those who partner with me to have a better chance of success by learning from my mistakes. I share my success and empower my team to find their health and happiness, along with a lot of love. There is also tremendous opportunity to improve your income along the way too. Consider partnering with me!

With Love,

Linda goes above and beyond to lift people up and empower them . She is always available to help solve problems, answer questions or offer support. She is an amazing resource. Her support has led to two of my friends joining the team . Linda works diligently to empower all of us and to that end she incredibly successful! Thank you Linda! - Karen Davey, Wellness Advocate
Kathy Davey
Wellness Advocate

The Benefits of Partnering with Linda:

  1. Personal Wellness Support
    Put Linda on speed-dial! Any problem that you have, Linda is available to offer support and guidance. Whatever you, your family or your own clients are struggling with, Linda is available to help guide you and offer suggestions. Using her vast knowledge bank of essential oils and dōTERRA products, Linda offers support and also teaches about the benefits of oils for specific ailments from the common cold or sinus infections, to creating chemical free households that promote wellness and vitality. Linda will help you understand the power of oils and support you as you develop your own knowledge bank of which oils to use when and for what.
    By partnering with Linda, you will never be alone in your journey. She is a passionate teacher who is here to help you with your own personal wellness, as you expand your knowledge base.
  2. Business Mentorship: Launch Your Dream Career
    Linda spent over three decades working in corporate training and her experience is a huge benefit of partnering with her. Whether this is your first, second, or 27th business, Linda offers customized mentorship to help you succeed and build your business on your terms. Bringing her vast knowledge of sales and genuine concern for people’s wellbeing, Linda is there to support you on your journey. Offering guidance from her own mistakes, she will help you pave the way to your own success.
    As the sole income provider in her family, Linda has found great financial freedom in this career. Not only that, but building a dōTERRA business and helping other’s achieve their own levels of personal wellness and professional success aligns with her soul’s calling.
    As all entrepreneurs grow their business, they also grow their skills. Linda is here to help support your own personal transformation into the CEO of your own company. She has done it herself and is eager to share her knowledge and see your business grow and prosper.
    Linda is invested in supporting you and a firm believer that no one should be left behind. Whatever skills or training that you need to find success, Linda is available to mentor and guide you to the success your heart desires. You don’t have to do it alone.
  3. Quarterly Team Training with Linda
    Another benefit of partnering with Linda are the group training sessions each quarter. Learn about new oils, practical tips and tricks and important business training in these quarterly sessions with Linda and the team. You will have the opportunity to continually learn and gain insight into business and sales strategies that will help you launch your dream career.
    Become part of a movement of individuals who are helping promote wellness, vitality and living the best life possible, all while increasing their own wellness, abundance and sense of contribution to the planet.

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