Linda Johnston

Preventative Products to Keep Your Family Healthy this Winter

Looking for a preventative way to manage your health this winter through cold, sinus and flu season? Protect yourself and your family with these products and sail through winter with health, vitality and wellness.

1) Breathe Vapor Stick – remember Vicks vapo rub? This stick is amazing to clear stuffy nose, sinus.
2) Breathe Breathe Respiratory Drops (30 drops per bag) – take to clear stuffy head, nose, sinus.
3) Breathe Respiratory Blend Essential Oil (15ml Bottle) – use in diffuser for easier breathing.

On Guard Products that I Use and Recommend:
1) On Guard Foaming Handwash – daily preventative.
2) On Guard Protective Blend Soft Gels – take at first sign of scratchy throat, cold or sinus symptoms.
3) On Guard Protective Blend Beadlets – daily preventative, breath freshener too!
4) On Guard Protective Blend Essential Oil (15 ml) – use in diffuser throughout cold season to keep everyone’s immunity protected.
5) On Guard Protecting Throat Drops – take as a preventative measure that promotes healthy immune system function.
6) Diffuser – you will love these ‘cool air’ diffusers. Perfect for main living space and bedroom.

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