Wellness Support

“Service to others is my driving force” - Linda Johnson

Are you struggling to feel your best?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, book a free wellness support session with Linda today.

In this one hour free session, learn how essential oils can support your individualized health, healing and happiness. Bring your concerns and receive specialized recommendations from Linda’s vast knowledge base, all delivered with care, kindness and love.

Linda has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to supporting optimal health through essential oils and doTerra products. Whatever you are struggling with, there is an oil that can support your health goals and help you achieve your optimal vitality.

Linda is a true believer in the power of essential oils to promote both mental and physical health. Linda learned how simple it was to use these oils as nature’s medicine, instead of pharmaceuticals, her own health and the health of her family members began to improve.

After experiencing the power of dōTERRA products in her own life, Linda naturally started sharing her excitement and enthusiasm with others. Friends and family would continually call Linda for advice or suggestions to help heal or alleviate health problems, and Linda loved offering her wisdom and seeing others achieve their health goals. This love of sharing the power of oils led Linda to offer free wellness support sessions where she will create a customized plan to help you feel your best.

Among Linda’s vast knowledge bank, she also uses a variety of tools to assess your current health and make suggestions to help you achieve balance. One tool that she uses is an iTovi Scanner. The scanner sends an individualized report direct to the client with ideal essential oils for them to use and descriptions about how the oils will help the client achieve balance and wellness.

Linda’s knowledge comes from research and experience leading a team of dōTERRA representatives and helping her family and friends. Linda offers customized suggestions to help you achieve your health goals. She is a deep and attentive listener, with vast knowledge of the power of plant medicine, dōTERRA products and essential oils. She offers thoughtful recommendations that are specific to your needs, pain points and problems.

Living a dōTERRA lifestyle means living a life of health and wellness, vitality and stamina, and being your best self.

Contact Linda today to book a free wellness support session and learn how dōTERRA can bring balance to your life and help you achieve optimal wellness.